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Science has proved that people can get a full rest by guaranteeing eight hours’sleep every day.
Only when the body is fully rested can we devote ourselves to work,
life and study and achieve half the result with twice the effort.
weighted blanket,
Cover your body completely, and 10% of your body weight gives you enough security.
Comfortable, breathable, moisturizing and many other advantages in one.
Natural cotton, comfortable sleep, give yourself a reason to stay in bed.

Name: weighted blanket
Color: Blue & grey
Size: 36×48/41×60/48×72/60x80inch
Style: Simplicity
Users: People who want better sleep
Fabric: 100% cotton
Weight: 5/7/15/20 pounds
Quality Level: Level 1

Description of parameters:
Wash gently at room temperature at 30 degrees
① Celsius and do not rinse.
② Maximum water temperature 30 degrees
③ Non-bleaching
④ hanging and drying
⑤ Not ironing
⑥ Do not dry-clean

Customer Notes:
① Children and the elderly are advised not to use it alone for the first time.
② When using blankets, cover the whole body, and strictly prohibit covering the head and face.
③ Check regularly whether the blanket is damaged to prevent leakage of the built-in filler.
④ If the blanket is damaged, please stop using it, repair it and continue using it.
⑤ The quilt can be washed by hand or machine, but the inner liner is not recommended to be cleaned.
⑥ Weighted blanket should be 10% of your weight. Choose your preferences and suggest weight.