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Inception Funboards: Perfect new beginner board

Our Inception Funboards are created for beginners and newcomers, someone who’s never tried surfing and wants to start having fun! This shortboard is designed to be ridden in 90% of surf, making it ideal for everyday fun board surfing. We kept a lot of volume, to help to get plenty of volume under your chest and to get going and pop up into the wave.


Beautiful and fun design!

These Funboards have single into double concave bottom that will provide plenty of small wave fun for any level of surfer. They might be designed primarily for a beginner surfers, but they will give you medium to full rails volume. It has a very user-friendly design. We kept a lot of volume so you don’t need a big board to learn how to surf. It’s very stable and you can turn the board simply. For an everyday surfer or someone looking to get into the game.


High Quality Construction

The inception range of boards are designed for those looking at getting into the sport or small wave summer fun. The boards are originally shaped, designed and tested on the central coast NSW Australia prior to production and manufactured offshore using local materials to provide a cost effective quality shaped board.


Born and Bred in Australia

We are constantly evolving with new techniques and technology providing quality shaped boards using only the best materials sourced locally and abroad. From high performance short boards, summer boards, classic logs and comp mals to the ever popular stand up paddle boards, we strive for perfection across all of our products.

Our boards are sold and surfed all across the world.



7’0 x 22 x 2 ¾ (volume 49L)

7’4 x 22 ¼ x 2 ¾ (52L)

7’8 x x22 ½ x 2 ⅞ (58L)