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The TS-WX300A features a strong and lightweight IMPP™ (Injection-Moulded Polypropylene) Composite speaker cone, that provides solid and rhythmical bass. It also features a Class-D amplifier that is built into the side of the enclosure, amplifying the bass to high volumes, but also making it easy to install as it can save space and installation time. The Class-D amplifier also has various settings ensuring the user can get the type of bass they want, depending on their own taste in music.

TS-WX300A is a 30 cm subwoofer in a ported, bass reflex design enclosure, delivering 1300 W Maximum power and 350 W Nominal Power.

Main Features

Size      30 cm

Maximum power           1300 W

Nominal input power     350 W

Frequency response     20 – 130

Sensitivity        113 dB

Woofer material Pulp

Voice Coil type Copper Round Wire 4-Layer

Voice Coil bobbin type  Polyimide

Magnets           Ferrite

Weight  10.3 kg