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HD PICTURE QUALITY. HD picture quality was Very Good, overall. Reproduction of fine HD image detail was Excellent. Color accuracy was Excellent, so colors, especially flesh tones, look very natural and lifelike. Very Good contrast—the difference between the darkest blacks and brightest whites—gave images convincing depth and dimension. Black levels were OK and maintained some contrast in darker scenes, but they fell short of the better TVs (though quality did degrade as we moved to the sides—see our Viewing Angle results, below). Image brightness was Very Good (with the Brightness backlight control turned up), so the picture was well suited for a brighter room—a lower setting is recommended for a dimmer viewing environment. There was slight display non-uniformity in our test sample—it appeared as brighter cloudy areas which were most noticeable on very dark scenes (or in the black bars of a letterboxed movie)—the severity can vary from model to model. Its reproduction of smooth edges on image content for “up-converted” HD-to-UHD images fell short with some visible “jaggies” (jagged edges); deinterlacing of 1080i video was Excellent; and film mode detection from 1080i content was Excellent.

4K UHD PICTURE QUALITY. Overall 4K UHD picture quality was Excellent. In our UHD testing, we played native-4K movies and test videos (non HDR) thru the TV’s HDMI input, and found their image detail was all there. For color, contrast and black level, the TV performed similarly to its HD picture quality.

HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) PERFORMANCE. HDR performance had very limited effectiveness. In our tests, the display’s lack of high peak brightness capability (by HDR standards) limited its ability to show the benefits of our HDR 4K content. It could not reveal much contrast between the moderately bright and very bright highlights, while the brightness levels in the mid-to-lower tones, like those in an indoor scene, were preserved. In HDR mode this TV only allowed us to optimize the Brightness and Gamma picture settings. All other settings were as they were for the standard-dynamic range (SDR) HD picture. It did a good job reproducing a greater range of nuanced shadow detail, from black to white, with no obvious banding within the gradually shaded areas, but we noted some loss of detail within the highlights of the brightest areas. Brightly colored objects remained nicely saturated.

SOUND QUALITY. We got Good sound quality, about average among the models we’ve tested. When watching a blockbuster movie, a concert, or TV show, it can deliver decent performance but just not like the better performers. In our listening evaluations, we found the bass (low frequencies) to be adequate but lacking a sense of fullness and lacked some definition. Treble (high frequencies) was satisfactory. The overall sound was on the bright side, a bit thin and a bit closed in. This TV should be OK in rooms large or small, noisy or quiet—we found the speakers could play at a fairly loud volume level and without obvious distortion. Also, at higher volume, its dynamic-compression feature prevented gross distortion, but it slightly reduced the clarity and naturalness of loud peaks. Overall, though imperfect, most people would find this sound quality acceptable.

EASE OF USE. Consider the TV’s stand is 33 inches wide when choosing a table top to place it on. On first power up, an on-screen guide appeared—which you could choose to follow when setting up the TV. The remote controls the TV via an RF signal and doesn’t need to be pointed at the TV. It has a full number keypad for entering channel numbers. It includes all the buttons we typically expect: power, channel up/down, volume control, mute, source input, menu, and exit. The remote also has a microphone for accessing a built-in voice assistant feature. It also has dedicated buttons for streaming Google Play Movies and TV, and Netflix.

INTERNET FEATURES. This TV provides internet functionality via its “Android TV” portal, with access to a library of applications from the Google Play Store. Movie streaming services that can be downloaded to this TV, or are built-in, include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO. More so, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ can be streamed in 4K UHD. Includes built-in Google Assistant, a virtual assistant, which allows you to use natural speech to ask questions, launch applications, and search programming by talking to the remote. Claimed support for external voice assistants (not built in to the TV) include and Google Assistant.

CONNECTIONS. This model has three HDMI inputs (one supports ARC, Audio Return Channel), one composite input, and no component input. It also has two USB ports, an optical digital audio out, a headphone out, an Ethernet port, WiFi wireless networking; DLNA, to access files within your home network; Casting, which allows you to send streaming content from your mobile device to the TV via your home network; Screen mirroring, where the image on your smartphone or other compatible device can also appear on the TV.